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The Catch A Healthy Habit podcast host Glen Colello

Aug 8, 2018

Matthew Grace has been involved in the Health and Fitness field for over 20 years. He has authored two books including the best-selling health classic A Way Out -Disease Deception and the Truth About Health and he has appeared on Prime Time Live with Diane Sawyer, Good Day New York, hosted a New York-based cable television program for seven years, and appeared on numerous national radio programs.

Many people, including some of our top celebrities, have sought out the expertise and services of this former standout amateur boxer, fitness expert and author. The president and founder of the Coalition for Health Re-Education, Matthew Grace has helped hundreds of people diagnosed with incurable disease re-gain their health. 

For many years this man has been inspiring audiences with his remarkable story, his mission, “to let people know there is A Way Out, no matter what you are facing,” is complimented by his insightful, philosophical and often humorous delivery."

A Way Out is available for purchase on Amazon.

To contact Matthew Grace directly please email him at